Becoming More Healthy Starts With What You Eat

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Although some people still seem surprised by the fact, the food that they are eating is what is behind the extra weight that they are carrying. The sort of items that are full of sugar, salt and are basically vortexes of empty calories. These are the things that are making people sick and not giving their bodies the nutrients that they need. When you eat bad food such as this you miss out on the stuff your body needs.The way we eat is just as dysfunctional as what we are eating. Sitting down and indulging in meals that offer more than the amount of calories that are recommended for an entire day or sometimes an entire week is just asking for trouble. Sure you won’t become overweight by simply overindulging in one meal but over time this pattern of bad eating is one that begins to overcome your body and after a while your stomach just expects that much food. Since the stomach is a muscle it can expand and contract and this is the reason that many people become overweight. Gradually they stretch out the stomach so that it never seems to get full.This need for more and more food to feel full takes a little time. Your stomach can adapt to whatever eating habits that you have. If you don’t eat much at each sitting for a while your stomach will adapt to that as well. When it shrinks it will mean that you can become full with less food and feel satisfied. The same idea is put to practice with the lap band surgery. It works for many people to lose weight.This surgery does come with some risks and those considering it should realize that just having the surgery does not mean that you can continue eating the way you used to. As a matter of fact, immediately following the surgery adaptations must be made to monitor the amount you eat or it can cause additional health risks and problems.Instead of having surgery to help lose weight there is always the choice of taking responsibility with the food that you take in and watching the amount of food that you eat. The problem of overeating is more than just with yourself it is something that is affecting the whole country. Getting everyone more healthy means having better access to good foods wherever we eat. It it is easier to find healthier food then people will be more likely to eat it.
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