Hottest 2011 Street Style Contest

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This year, the trend is amazingly increasing with the street style world. It seemed that the 2011 street style is definitely a new breed of fashion style made available to everybody who is serious about dressing up.2011 street style was perhaps the product of the many styles created from the past. When people on the streets who were wearing something that totally seem to scream their personality were asked about the fashion sense and style, they almost always refer to the styles of the pasts, saying they simply combine the styles with a dash of their own touch in order to surface their personality and individuality.When it comes to Japan, most street styles are definitely pulled out from their imagination as some would even go so far as to weave their own clothes and create their own accessories.It is common in Japan especially in big urban places like Harajuku and Shibuya to see people dressed up in a style that you have never seen before. 2011 street style in these places are often conjured from the creativity and interests of the young citizens. Creating a diverse and almost wild sort of styles that will never be seen anywhere else.2011 street style is all about your style, you don’t have to follow what the television or what several product advertisements are saying the hottest thing this season. All you have to do is have your own style and flaunt it on the streets. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chopsuey of several styles in the past, as long as you know how to pull it off and still look good – good enough to be featured in street style blogs.Street fashion has become very popular that aside from blog featuring the most outrageously gorgeous looks of the city, has also a contest to boot!Win amazing products from several stores and even a pair of new shoes to walk on the streets on. Just record a video of you and your street look then upload it on youtube. Submit the link to the website and don’t forget to sign up if you’re not a member yet and wait to get the most votes from people.Rules can be read here at and you can also share the video post to your friends and families so they can instantly vote on your stunning video!Source: Free Articles from

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