“How Blast Past Your Fitness Barriers!” – Part 2

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Last time we looked at Roadblocks 1-3 and how to blast them out of your way on the road to success. In today’s article (Part 2) we’ll look at the next three in some detail. I’ll cover the rest as we move through his 6-part series.

Success Roadblock Number Four: Inadequate Motivation – You Don’t Have Clear & Compelling Reasons To SucceedAs a success coach, I can tell you that very few people understand the necessity for having compelling reasons to power them toward their goals. If you don’t have sufficiently strong motivations to overcome the inertia of the status quo, then you’re either going to stay right where you are or end up right back where you are. It’s really just that simple.

So what you need are two kinds of motivations. First, you need strong and compelling reasons why it’s critically important for you to succeed. You need to be clear about the “cost-benefit equation” How will you benefit from achieving your goals? How will your life improve?Second, you need strong and compelling reasons why it is utterly unacceptable for you to fail. Together, these opposing motivations will provide you with both the “push” and “pull” we talked about in Chapter 8 — a truly powerful combination!Success Roadblock Number Five: Rationalizing Your Self-Defeating BehaviorsIf there’s one thing we’re all really good at, it is rationalizing our own self-defeating behaviors. I think this is something we learn from birth, or perhaps even in the womb, since all of us seem to suffer from it one way or another.

You can call it denial or whatever else you want, but the fact is that we seem to like to plod along from one day to the next in a blissful state of ignorance about our problems, and particularly about our health problems.

Actually, considering the state of contemporary “health care,” this is completely understandable. As I never tire of pointing out, our medical / pharmaceutical / food processing industry is much more focused on illness than on health. And we, the public, can’t help but pick up the money “vibe” behind everything they do.

Not that there aren’t thousands of sincerely dedicated health care providers out there, but any objective observer would have to say that contemporary medicine is all about getting rid of the symptom, because they simply don’t have either the time, the will, or the skill to solve problems at its root.

That’s why it becomes our job to “repossess” the responsibility for our own health-care, to come out of denial, to be wide awake about the problem, and to actively pursue and find our own solutions. If we’ll leave it up to the health-care industry, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves when we fail.

Success Roadblock Number Six: Arguing For Your Own LimitationsIf this is a concept you’re not familiar with, I can tell you it’s a mighty important one. In a way, it is closely aligned with Success Factor Number One — the belief that you can and will succeed. [Details about the ebook that explains the four Success Factors are at the end of this article.

]You can tell when you’re arguing for your own limitations when you hear yourself starting sentences with, “I have never been able to…” or “This sort of thing just runs in my family,” or “I don’t see how I could ever…” or, the most popular one of all, “Yes, but…”Arguing on behalf of your own limiting beliefs is the surest way to make sure they stay intact and in place, and continue to sabotage you forever.

It’s safe to say that you have been arguing for a lot of your own limiting beliefs for as long as you have been able to argue. Can you think of any personal beliefs that fall into that category?Several places in this book I have suggested that you start a Success Journal. Keeping this journal is a mandatory part of the success process. I’ve also talked about the importance of recognizing the negativity in your own internal dialogue. That’s why I suggest keeping a Negativity Journal, where you will start to zero in on the specific wording that your negative, self-sabotaging beliefs and attitudes feed into your mind.

Being able to actually see your negative inner dialogue in print will make a huge difference in your consciousness awareness, and that is the first step toward eliminating any self-sabotaging behavior.

The roadblocks you’ve just read about were excerpted from my new ebook, “Ultimate Fitness Secrets: Revealed!” To learn how to blast all 20 roadblocks out of your way, and discover the secrets of lifelong, struggle-free fitness, bulletproof health, and low-stress living, please visit the UltimateFitnessRevealed.com web site and get the whole story!Please stay tuned for Part Three!Yours in total healthgif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - "How Blast Past Your Fitness Barriers!" - Part 2,”Dr. Frank”