It Was Jubilation Time With Friends

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Success counted sweetest and luckily I have got
the privilege to taste it by the grace of God and blessings of my
parents. And being modest I rate my efforts at the end. But I will tell
you this success was not easy at all. I studied round the clock and as
they say to add some metaphoric impression burnt midnight oil. However,
all that efforts that I put in to achieve this goal now seem impossible.
It was really an awesome feeling, everyone starts looking up to you,
and greetings pour in from all around. And the unusual thing about it
was all my relatives and neighbors those who had once awarded me with
the ‘vagabond’ tag are now proudly say that they are my uncle, aunt,
cousin, and other close relatives. Someone had said it very
correctly that success has many fathers and failures have none. Indeed,
this saying has been used from time immemorial, but it is still as true
as it was hundreds of centuries ago. Alright, leave apart all that what
is right, what is moral, what should be and what shouldn’t be etc. These
things will be there as we have accepted them to be the part of human
nature. I am extremely sorry that till now I did not tell you what
exactly I have achieved, and from starting I kept beating around the
bush. Your Highness, I apologies for taking your precious time for
granted. But from now on I will take extra care not to repeat this
throughout my correspondence. Jokes apart, I got through the
UPSC exams and am now preparing for the interview. Though, my
destination is inches away from me, but certainly it is not completed as
yet. But who will make your near and dear ones including your friend
circle. How much I try to evade the topic of party, the more they bring
up talks about celebrating it with great pomp and show. I told them that
it cannot be possible for I come from that school of thought which
believes that there should be no jubilation till you conquer the last
fort. But friends will be friends; they turn deaf ears to any
excuse you make. So, even being reluctant to throw party at this point, I
had to give in for the sake of my friends. And as most of my friends
are vegetarian, we checked up for the Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Delhi.
We came across a number of restaurants, but there was one exclusive
restaurant for pure vegetarian food and the various foods that were
mentioned in its website were as followed: Gujrati Thali, Rajasthani
Food, South Indian Food, North Indian Food and other lip-smacking food
dishes. The best part of this restaurant was its reputation; it has in
the recent past won 4 consecutive Times Food Awards. And the other thing
which attracted us towards it to place our order was its free home
delivery. Just after we placed our order within half an hour the food
was delivered to us. We opened the food box and literary got lost the
fragrance it was wafting.

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The writer of this article is a resident of New Delhi. He often shares
his eating experience in restaurants on a number of web portals. This
time he is sharing his awesome food experience when he ordered an Indian Vegetarian Thali in a pure vegetarian restaurant in New Delhi.

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