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No one can say for sure about most of these because they are not regulated by the United States Food & Drug Administration. The confused consumer reads that antioxidant is generally useful but is left with a hazy feeling about why. This sense of confusion may be aggravated in elder persons for whom a great deal of the research & findings are relatively latest. The current plethora of published material is in fact created by the irrefutable fact that there are far additional on-going clinical trials & research projects in the field of nourishment than most other areas. There are over 200 carotenoids. As if that were not enough to puzzle us there are thousands of biflavonoids & each of these has the latent to prove highly useful once clinicians have the time to study them all. Consider coenzyme Q10 to be among this group of antioxidants that seems to have some pretty good research results. First identified in 1957, it has only been researched for 50 years. It was later set a closer gaze when in 1962 researchers establish in a deficiency of this enzyme to survive in the blood of cancer patient. After a long debate & study it seems to have turn into decided that supplementations of this antioxidants does have its place in the procedure of a lot of cancer treatments but chiefly as an adjuvant therapy–that is one that is administered after the primary treatment has been completed.Coenzyme Q11 is fat soluble antioxidants that contribute to the productions of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) & assist to put off mutation. It is further believed to be neurprotective or defensive of neurdegenerative diseases. It has been calculated with some positive results in Huntington disease patient.Equally, vitamins D & A are stout soluble antioxidants which appear to have overwhelmingly positive research result. It can produce improvement in the immune systems of the elderly. There does seem to be some pretty sound evidence in favor of some of these antioxidants & further there seems to be fairly good evidence that many of these may slow or even reverse the adverse affects of aging.Source: Free Articles from

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