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Owners definitely want the best for their Poodles. From beds, collars and other stuff to grooming, vaccines and healthy foods – all these things are provided in pursuit of years of good health, happiness and friendship. But with the rapidly changing world and increase of prices from time to time, it is quite difficult to provide everything our pets need without having to spend much.

A lot of dog owners are spending much just to ensure the good health of their beloved pets. Pet food manufacturers in turn are doing their best to attract buyers to purchase their products. With so many pet food manufacturers with their elaborate advertisements, how will you know which one is best for your dog?

Naturally, the best diet for your beloved pet is the one you prepare yourself. The ingredients are wholesome meats and vegetables and are guaranteed fresh. However, some dog owners are too busy on other things that they find it impossible to spend time preparing meals for their pets. This is where commercial pet foods come in handy. Various brands with various types of pet foods line the shelves in pet stores and pet section of grocery stores each one is claiming better than the other. This reality creates a labyrinth in the minds of some dog owners.

To help the buyers, experts set guidelines in choosing a complete and balanced dog food. Assess your dog – breed, age, size and activity are some of the factors in determining the appropriate food. A puppy two months old has different nutritional needs from a dog two years of age. In addition, a Shih Tzu may have different energy levels compared to Poodles.

Check the product label focusing on the list of ingredients. The list should include proteins, vitamins, minerals and some essential fat such as beef fat, chicken fat or lamb fat. Whole meat should be the first ingredient. Choose one with few grains and fillers. A good dog food has no preservatives, no artificial colors, sugars and sweeteners. It does not contain syrup, sucrose, ammoniated glycyrrhizin or propylene glycol. If you have a two-month old puppy, consider buying a dog food specifically made for puppies. Most dog foods will tell you if they are for puppies, adults, older less active or dogs under specific diet.

Humans need foods in order to stay healthy, active and happy. The same way it goes for the dogs. Foods keep them fueled to let them do their stuff – running, playing ballgif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Foods To Keep Poodles Healthy, fetch and so on.

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