Healthy Diet Tips for Eliminating Acne

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Acne is not entirely caused by food factors. Stress, lack of hygiene, and genetic factors can be other factors that cause acne. However, acne that is caused by food can be overcome by means of a healthy diet to get rid of acne. Why diet?

Acne is a condition where the pores of the skin are blocked causing an inflamed pus sac. Possible causes are hormonal changes that stimulate oil glands in the skin. Other hormonal changes that can trigger acne are menstruation, pregnancy, use of birth control pills, and stress. The question is, why are stains of acne scars difficult to disappear after puberty?

Stressful conditions, hormones, cosmetics, and interestingly, diet is suspected as a potential cause of inhibiting waning acne spots. While the relationship between food and acne is still controversial – studies that link diet with small, inconclusive acne. 

Acne is not entirely caused by food factors. Stress, lack of hygiene, and genetic factors can be other factors that cause acne. However, acne that is caused by food can be overcome by means of a healthy diet to get rid of acne. Why diet? Maybe the Minasan diet is known all this time just to lose weight. But in fact, a healthy diet also serves to overcome the problem of acne that disturbs the attention during this time. What is it like? Come, see the following review!

Drink plenty of water

Water as a cleanser, solvent and toxic agent in the body. So far, Minasan knows that the dose to drink water is 8 glasses a day, but Minasan who has excess body weight will certainly be different in the body’s water needs. Then how much is the amount of water that needs consumption? Minasan can calculate it by weight Minasan divided by 20, then the result is how many liters of water Minasan should consume every day. Example: if you weigh 60 kg of Minasan, then drinking water must consume 3 liters per day. Drinking water will help keep skin moist. Minasan. Moist skin is one of the characteristics of healthy skin, and healthy skin will make Minasan avoid skin problems like acne.

Reduce Sugar Consumption

If you are prone to breakouts, take a low-sugar diet. Minasan can try to replace sugar with honey and avoid sweet foods and drinks such as soda, cakes or other foods that contain lots of sugar. Controlled blood sugar levels can improve the condition of acne-prone skin so that it does not get worse and heal zits little by little.

Consumption of Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil is not only beneficial for Minasan body health but also for Minasan skin health. This is because the omega-3 content in fish oil serves as a natural barrier to inflammation in acne. So, if Minasan wants to treat acne from the inside, Minasan can add this fish oil supplement.

Consumption of Foods Rich in Fiber

Another common cause for acne is due to lack of fiber Minasan arises. Fiber is the most important part that helps the digestive system in the body. Approximately how much fiber needs Minasan in a day? The need for fiber in the body Minasi is 20 to 30 grams of fiber every day. Fiber itself is useful for keeping the large intestine clean and remove toxins from the body before it reaches the skin.

Carbohydrate Diet

Reduce carbohydrate intake Minasan. Avoid carbohydrates that have gone through chemical processes such as soda, candy, or food cooked on the grill because it can increase insulin levels in the blood and increase in sublevel which may be the cause of acne. If Minasan can do this carbohydrate diet correctly, not only acne will disappear, even Minasan if you can lose weight as a bonus

Low Fat and Calorie Diet

Low fat and calorie diets mean that Minasan must control the intake of fat and calories that enter the body. Not that no calories or fat at all, yes, Minasan. The calorie and fat needs of each person are different according to their respective activities. Pimples that have acne usually have excess hormone levels and cause the skin to tend to be oilygif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Healthy Diet Tips for Eliminating Acne, causing dirt to stick to the skin quickly. Acne is actually a part of fat released on the skin mixed with dirt and then a place for bacteria to develop so that inflammation occurs. The results of this trade will later become zits.

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