Healthy home cooked meals are provided by tiffin service

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At the dot of one, most people at work leave their work stations and take half
an hour to an hour off from work to focus on their food. And when they eat
people prefer healthy home cooked food, even though most corporate offices have
a fully stacked canteen with a lot of nutritious food. As like most other food
Indians eat, lunch time is sacrosanct and very few people are happy to work
during this time. A tiffin service therefore becomes a very useful business in a scenario like this as
well as delivery services who deliver healthy home cooked meals to your desks.

A healthy homemade meal is more affordable than your regular office
canteen meal, sometimes more affordable than when the meal is subsidized by
your office. The meal that arrives in your tiffin is far healthier, cooked in a
healthier environment than the bulk cooking procedures that office canteens
adopt. You can say the same about the meals cooked in a restaurant – when you
compare it with a meal that arrives in lunch

Most offices therefore have set up heating facilities on every work floor
(for those who prefer eating at their desks) or in their office canteens. Lunch
boxes do not retain hot food in most cases, the office then atleast provides
the facility to heat up food in a microwave. Even in the absence of any heating
facility in offices, Indian workers even then do not mind eating cold food from
their boxes with the premise that the food from the lunch box is healthier and
more affordable than canteen or restaurant food.

Even if you do not have a cook back at home or your mother or wife
filling your lunch box, then there are professional cooks who can cook up some
healthy home food for your tiffin box.
The tiffin service in India has evolved to such an extent
that you can select your cuisine, the calorie count in your tiffin, whether you
want a particular kind of vegetable or not, vegetarian or non-vegetarian –
there is a choice for every palate.

So much is the food service an evolved business in Mumbai, that there
are special delivery services set up in some parts of the country. The tiffin box delivery mechanism
that Mumbai has adopted is the quintessential dabbawala, a very efficient
delivery mechanism that is unique to the city. The primary business involves
collecting fresh food in boxes from the residence of office workers or the food
service provider and delivering it to workplaces in time for the lunch hour.
The dabbawala returns the empty boxes to the customer’s residence by evening.
It is efficient and highly effective manner to sorting out your lunch ordeal.
Sometimes, due to immense workload, an individual eschews from eating foodgif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Healthy home cooked meals are provided by tiffin service, but
when his lunch box is delivered on time at office he will surely make a point
to collect it and eat it.