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However, research does not refer specifically to test high-intensity sprints – until now!New framework for researchIn a new study, researchers compared the levels of growth hormone HGH in many ways – resting (for the measurement of the base) after the six second cycle sprint, and after 30 second cycle race. Researchers also measured growth hormone for hours to see how long HGH stayed in the body after exercise, participantsThe results are amazing!The method according to Sprint HGH some six movements, but focuses the potential that the body releases the hormone powerful. Within 30 seconds of all out effort sprint tests HGH increased 530% from baseline at rest and 450% intensity for the lower speed.Because previous research studies, HGH stayed elevated for 1.5 to 2 hours after the battle of the campaign. And according to researchers at the University of Virginia, the HGH released during exercise works the body fat for up to two hours after training. (Impact of acute exercise intensity pulsed release of growth hormone in men, 2000, Pritzlaff).The new research is the essence of my book, how to increase HGH certain types of physical education, and keeping the hormone in your body physically for two hours after the train back on fat.The synergy of the ability of anaerobic sprint workout can be achieved in many different ways – cycling, skiing, swimming, running, XC skiing or even power walking. This can be done in a gym elliptical trainer, exercise bike, recumbent bike or a treadmill.Anyway, the goal is to reach all four critical benchmarks HGH released during exercise. This multi-function exercise anaerobic and aerobic exercise training in it and it takes about 20 minutes.This may be the most powerful hormone in your bodyHGH may be the most powerful fitness improving, anti-aging (and anti-Middle Ages), reduce body fat, muscle toning, hormone in your body. And the fitness hormone can be increased by 530% in some type of anaerobic exercise. Nature is almost always better. And the increase of the hormone naturally through exercise is the natural choice!
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