The Best Berry for Health Care

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is regarded as one of the five kinds of healthy food in the world by the United
Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. It is rich in nutrition like anthocyanin, vitamins and amino acids. It is without
doubt that it is quite nutritious and good for health. Therefore, it has become
the best seller in American and European markets. It is also considered to be the
best berry for health care in the 21st century.


is capable of protecting eyes. Of all the vegetables and fruit that are good
for eyes, blueberry tops the chart. The anthocyanin
in it is a powerful antioxidant, which can decompose the radicals in the human
body during the metabolism. Meanwhile, it accelerates the re-synthesis of
rhodopsin. Therefore, it can relax the tension of eyeballs and prevent from
glaucoma and cataract. People who work on the computers or those who use eyes a
lot should eat this fruit. During the Second World War, pilots of Royal Air
Force were requested to eat blueberry everyday. It was a fact that their
accuracy was much higher than before.


Quite a
long time age, it had been used in clinics. Early migrants in America used to
drink its juice to cure cough. And Swedish people eat dries blueberries to cure
diarrhea. It can also prevent people from many diseases. First of all, it can
resist cancer and many infections. Times Magazine has pointed out it is the
best food to protect heart and resist cancer. As we know, the selenium, a powerful
antioxidant, is capable of restraining the spread of cancer cells. And the anthocyanin is able to resist ulceration and infections. For
example, it is useful in curing chronic nephritis and urinary tract infection. Secondly,
it is helpful to fight against obesity and diabetes. A certain compound in it
can restrain the fungus infection. It also reduces the content of cholesterol
in the human body and adjusts the blood sugar. Thirdly, it is useful in
strengthen the memory and prevent the elderly from senile dementia. The reason
lies in the flavone in it. This chemical can directly expand the blood
capillary in the cyclic system. As a result, the blood circulation and oxygen
content are under control. Thus, the aging of brain cells slows down.


addition to the above functions, it can improve the condition of the skin. As
an antioxidant, the anthocyanin can defer the aging
of cells and postpone the appearance of wrinkles. As early as the year of 2001,
the American Dietetic Association had advocated people to eat this fruit. In European
countries, it is even called the edible cosmetics.


We can easily find that blueberry is much more nutritious
than many other kinds of fruit such as applegif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - The Best Berry for Health Care, grape and orange. It is so good
for health that it deserves the title of the kind of fruit.