The Pro’s And Cons Of Living Without Health Insurance

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The growing number of individuals opting out of health insurance coverage is staggering. Conditions in the economy are having serious effect in the health care arena. Employers are placing more of the burden on employees to bare and some are not offering health insurance as a benefit at all. The costs of health insurance premiums are prohibitive for many and as a result more and more people are opting not to have health coverage.Scientific technology has made so many advances in the medical field. With early detection so many illness can be cured. However, if you don’t have medical coverage for you or your family, then routine exams will be overlooked and the possibility of detecting an illness early is slim. Symptoms may begin to be noticed, but, by then the survival rate decreases and costs begin to escalate.Health insurance can also be helpful in bringing you and your family peace of mind and if you are living without health insurance you are probably experiencing more stress than you need to be. Those who are living without health insurance have more stress related illnesses as well, again a direct result of living without health insurance. Illnesses like heart problems, high blood pressure, and poor eating habits are directly related to stress.People who cannot afford to have a health plan are gambling that they will remain healthy. This can be a big gamble if they find themselves or a loved one with an illness. Costs of medical care can be overwhelming and they may just find themselves in a financial situation that can only be solved by declaring bankruptcy. This is not the outcome one chooses for themselves.Half full or half empty, if you are living without health insurance then the glass is definitely empty and you need to consider a solution to this problem. Living without health insurance is a life or death situation and finding a solution should be on your priority list as there are truly no benefits to a life without health insurance.
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